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Hello, My name is Donna Taylor, and you have entered the world of Nanny's Angels. By the way, I am also known as Nanny. I was always Nanny to my grandchildren, then I got a job as a Nanny that lasted for 17 years. Now, I am Nanny to my Great-Grandchildren.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and have just found out that I have 2 forms of breast cancer. One is very rare and non-invasive. However, the second one is more common, but very invasive. I am going in for a double mastectomy on the 18th of March.

I live solely on my retirement benefits, which only amounts to $1,000 a month. This barely covers my rent and utilities.

I am utilizing this site to raise funds to help cover the treatments that will be required in the future. My insurance will cover a large portion of the expenses. However, there is a lot that I will still have to cover; such as co-pays and other supplemental expenses that I will incur.


You may order a T-Shirt that will have my logo on it for $25. There is a $5 for all orders for shipping. However, several shirts going to the same address only pay the $5 once. It is strictly a shipping fee. To order the T-Shirts, please go to this link:   You will also be able to give a donation through this link.



More things will be available shortly that may be purchased through this site. We are still working on getting everything settled.